Dr. Sarah Shueb, BDS, MS, PhD

Dr. Sarah Shueb, BDS, MS, orofacial pain specialist pain at the MN Head and Neck Pain Clinic


Dr. Sarah Shueb, BDS, MS, PhD, received her dental degree from Benghazi University formally (Garyounis University) in Libya 2006 and completed a one-year internship in 2007.


Dr. Shueb worked as a teaching assistant at the University of Omar Almokhtar (2008-2010). Dr. Shueb completed residency training and a master’s degree in TMD, Orofacial Pain and Dental Sleep medicine in 2014. Currently, Dr. Shueb is a PhD candidate at the University of MN in Oral Biology, with an emphasis on Neuroscience, she is also holding an academic appointment at the University of Minnesota Dental School as an adjunct assistant faculty.

Dr. Shueb recently joined the Minnesota Head and Neck Pain Clinic group practice treating adults and children with TMJ complaints, orofacial pain as well as management of obstructive sleep apnea with mandibular advancement devices. Dr. Shueb works with an interdisciplinary team of care providers including physical therapists, health psychologists, neurologists, and other medical and dental specialists to manage chronic pain conditions affecting the jaw, face, and head.

Top Articles

Dr. Shueb has published articles in distinguished journals including the Journal of Orofacial Pain, the International Journal of Journal of dentistry, Journal of endodontics, Journal of American Dental Association, Neuropharmacology and Journal of International Association for the Study of Pain.

Dr. Sarah Shueb, BDS, MS, PhD: Reviews

“I was seen at MHNPC and had a great experience. I would highly recommend this clinic to anyone. I seen Dr. Sarah Shueb for my sleep apnea. She was professional and had good bedside manner. She listened to my concerns and answered my questions, after examining me, she explained my diagnosis and the potential harm in the future if not addressed. She recommend treatment options to help manage my symptoms and let me decide which direction I wanted to go. I’m happy I went with her treatment plan. I have restful sleep and energy in the morning, but most importantly I am no longer waking to breathe in the middle of the night and my snoring is gone! I’m doing the recommended exercises for my jaw pain and that has been empowering, as I am able to take charge in my pain control without the use of medications. MN Head and Neck Pain is highly recommended!” – Denise Schmidt
My initial visit for TMJ pain/dysfunction was one of the best healthcare experiences I’ve had. Issues with my jaw have gone on for years, with two other specialists providing no help. Here, I was checked in and taken back to an exam room immediately. My medical history and current health problems were Thoroughly explored/recorded by a dental assistant—Carol was an absolute delight! Then I was seen by Dr. Shueb, who took the time to go over every concern and question I had while asking me a number of questions in return—again, extremely thorough! She then detailed the possible causes for my TMJ issues and by the end of the appointment, I felt pretty confident that they can resolve the years-long problem I’ve had with my jaw. Even though I had a ton of thoughts/concerns/questions, I was never rushed whatsoever. I never write reviews, but I felt obligated here. I don’t understand the bad reviews. They were meticulous and actually cared about my problem. I highly, highly recommend this clinic.” – Charles B
“I was just seen by Dr Sarah Shueb and had an AMAZING experience. She instantly cleared up all my doubts, answered my questions, and provided me helpful advice moving forward. She took her time with my appointment and kept adjusting my mouth guard until it fit perfectly. 10/10” – Talia Wrede


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